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Executive Search Consultants

Our core business is working with the top firms in the construction and engineering industry and helping them attract excellent “top” performers. As construction executive recruiters, our process and services are second to none. Our winning formula, through networking and recruiting only the best candidates, keeps our clients coming back. 95% of our clients are repeat customers. We enjoy helping our clients attract and secure the best possible candidates for their positions.


Employer Consultation

We have firms, on occasion, that would like to discuss a variety of options they have regarding a potential employee. We can supply vital insights on how to attract talent to your firm. We have helped firms retain current employees and helped them attract and secure a potential candidate they found on their own. We like to help, and we want firms to get the best possible candidates for their positions. Maybe the next time you have a need, or have a critical position to fill, you will consider us for your recruiting!

career counseling

Career Counseling

Along with our search work, we are in constant consulting mode with all of the candidates we come in contact with, however, even if you are not being considered for a position with our firm, we can discuss your career options, wants, needs, counter-offers, promotions, salary, and anything else you may want to discuss regarding your career. We have another web site set-up to help candidates, which you can find here.

080506-N-0775Y-017Military-to-Civilian Placement 

We can help you make the transition from your military career to your civilian counterparts. We work exclusively in the construction industry, worldwide, so we are particularly interested in the construction and engineering fields. We value your experience and so do our clients!

Executive Search Consultant vs. Headhunter