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The Palumbo Company is an executive search, consulting, and professional recruiting firm that works exclusively in the engineering and construction industries, worldwide.

For over 20 years The Palumbo Company has been helping engineering and construction companies reach their goals by attracting and securing the best talent in the industry. Our goals have never changed as construction recruiters and that goal is to…

Help great firms…find great people!

A lot has changed in the recruiting business over the last 20 years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the challenges our clients face in finding, attracting, and securing the right candidates to their company. Yes, the technology has made things easier when it comes to recruiting, but in some ways the technology has made recruiting a lot harder. The technology makes things faster, that’s true, but better? Not necessarily.

If you need to find the best talent in the industry, pick-up the phone and give us a call at 1-251-990-3385.

Years ago our clients used to run advertisements in newspapers and trade magazines to find candidates. Now they use their web sites, Internet job boards, social networking sites, trade magazines, word-of-mouth, newspapers (if they can find one!) and just about anything else to attract the right candidates. Sound familiar?
As a construction or engineering firm you can still use these techniques, but in reality the people that can make an IMPACT and DIFFERENCE to your company will still, even with all of this technology, have to be approached (recruited) by a 3rd party on a confidential basis to see if they are open to explore another opportunity.

In other words, even with all of the technology available to your Human Resource and in-house recruiting department, they still are unable to attract the “A” players to your company. Why? Because the type of candidates you want and need are too busy! They’re working! They’re starting players! They don’t have time to troll the Internet for better opportunities. In fact, if they’re unhappy in their career you probably will never know it! They’re winners! These are the type of candidates you need on YOUR TEAM!

“If your firm doesn’t have an outside source. A professional construction and engineering recruiting firm working with you to secure the “A” players that typically will not answer help wanted advertisements – you are making a mistake!”

So, how do you do it? The best way is to hire an independent 3rd party recruiter that works for YOU and represents YOUR firm. A firm like, The Palumbo Company! Our firm is here to help you find, attract, and secure the BEST candidates to your company. We establish relationships with our clients and develop recruiting strategies that will be successful. We know them. We know how they operate. We want them to succeed. As they grow – we grow! Working together we can help you find those “A” players.

aggregates sand and gravel Construction Recruiters

It doesn’t matter where your company, or your projects, are located. If you’re looking for construction recruiters in Alabama or anywhere else in the USA we can help. We have the years of experience working in all 50 United States and throughout North America, so whether it’s an upper-level need or a supervisor in the field, we know where to find that specific talent in that area. As Dallas, Texas Construction Recruiters we can help you in Dallas, Texas, or if you’re located in Dallas, Texas and you have a construction project in Denver, Colorado, as construction recruiters in Denver – we can help you!

We are based on the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama, so we know the Gulf Coast very well. So, if you’re on the Gulf Coast in Houston, Texas or New Orleans, Louisiana we know where to find the talent you need to be successful. As construction recruiters in Houston we can help, and again, if you have a need as New Orleans Construction Recruiters we can help you in Louisiana too! A lot of construction companies like to have their Southeast headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia, that’s why we have a presence as construction recruiters in Atlanta.

If you need to find the best construction talent in the industry, pick-up the phone and give us a call at 1-251-990-3385.

bridge construction recruitingWhile working as Philadelphia construction recruiters and New York construction recruiters, we can help you with the tough markets in the Northeast. Every market in the USA has it’s differences and we understand that fact. If you are a construction firm bidding and looking at work in these markets, we can help you build your team in these areas. What we have found in the Northeast is you need someone that is familiar with the way things get done in these markets. If you land a big project in these markets you will need candidates with experience working in this area. We can help! If you need project leads for your firm, you need the best construction lead generation companies to help you in these areas. Feel free to contact them about lead generating services.

We get calls at our office asking about the Southwest or the Northwest areas of the country, which is great because we have over 20 years working in these areas as well. Working as construction recruiters in Seattle or construction recruiting in Phoenix, or even working as Los Angeles Construction Recruiters we can help you attract and secure the best talent in the industry to your construction firm. We have been very strong in the energy markets as well, with several of our clients that have a materials division with plants and quarries, and oil refineries. We are very strong energy recruiters and industrial construction recruiters and have over 20 years experience working in the energy markets worldwide, so if you need experienced process engineers or construction managers for your energy plants, we can help.

Over the years we have established  long-term relationships with construction firms – not like a typical construction headhunter or construction headhunters you might encounter, we work for your firm, not the candidates! We have clients throughout North America and have performed as construction recruiters in Indianapolis, Illinois construction recruiting, and even construction recruiting in Missouri, just to name a few locations in the Midwest. We have worked in the Seattle area and in the Northwest as Oregon construction recruiters. Along with Atlanta and Alabama in the Southeast we do a ton of Florida construction recruiting in the winter and we also tend to do a lot of North Carolina Construction Recruiting as well. Even though the winters can get rough in the upper Midwest, Wisconsin construction recruiting, Michigan construction recruiting and Ohio construction recruiting keeps us busy all year round. The Northeastern construction season in Maine and New England is very short for the road contractors, but we still do a lot of New York heavy/civil/rail work, general building work, and construction recruiting in Massachusetts year-round.

If you need to find the best talent in the industry, pick-up the phone and give us a call at 1-251-990-3385.

If your firm needs aggregate recruiters dealing with your sand & gravel or stone operations we can help. Maybe Asphalt recruiters or concrete recruiters? Those are two industries we have been recruiting in for over 20 years and can help your organization find the best talented estimators, project managers or even construction executive recruiting, and it’s not uncommon for us to be hired to fill plant manager’s and maintenance personnel for those industries.

The future is strong for the transportation and infrastructure in the USA for 2017, and we are anticipating organizations needing bridge construction recruiters, tunnel construction recruiters, heavy construction recruiters and even light rail recruiters throughout the United States. We are ready! In fact, we have been told we are the best infrastructure recruiters in North America!

When dealing working with the general contractors that deal in those industries, it’s very common that the subcontractors will also become very busy as well. So the need for pile driving recruiters, steel recruiters, foundation and civil construction recruiters will become greatly needed in 2017 any beyond. So, if your firm is a subcontractor we can help you too!

I hope, by now, it’s pretty clear if you need help with construction recruiting anywhere in North America The Palumbo Company is your number one source!

If you need to find the best construction talent in the industry, pick-up the phone and give us a call at 1-251-990-3385.

Dam Construction

We can recruit the type of candidates that will make an IMPACT and a DIFFERENCE to your company, and most importantly, help you secure them! I would love to discuss any critical positions construction or engineering you might have, to see if we can help you. Submit your email and someone will get back to you to set-up a personal consultation with me.

I look forward to speaking with you!









Mike Palumbo